Fancy a Spring Fling?

Spring is the perfect time of year to make improvements around your home and garden to get everything ready in time for those summer BBQ’s and parties.

Before treating your home to a fresh lick of paint or a bottle of Mr Muscle, can you think of anything you’ve stored over the winter that no longer has a purpose?

Then it’s time to get creative!

Read our top tips on practical ways to make use of anything unwanted and have an enjoyable #springfling.

Clothes, Shoes and coats


Take a day. Take a weekend. On second thoughts, this may be a whole different project in itself. But make sure to spend time routing through old items of clothing and shoes. Then maybe bag them up and donate to a charity?

You can organise this simply online with ‘Clothes for Charity’.

It’s easy, allows you to choose your charity and even comes to collect your bagged clothes, shoes or accessories (must be items in good nick).


Old DVDs, Books, Board Games


Do you still hoard old DVDs even though you have most of them on Netflix?

Then why not create a Spring Fling Car boot Sale? Go online to see where the nearest car boot is to you. Maybe even create an engaging sign or theme to gain more visitors to your stall?


All those documents…


Old bills, old letters and all those old documents you put aside ‘just in case’…

Why not gather all these then get that productive smug feeling from shredding and recycling them?

Then reorganise anything you need for the new tax year with some brand new folders (it’s the perfect excuse to buy new stationary).


Just general ‘THINGS’


It can be especially hard flinging anything out that has true sentimental value. But if it’s just stuck in a box then wouldn’t it be great to think of a creative way to repurpose your once treasured items…?

Blogger David Caolo wrote up an excellent post  here on what to do with your old toys. Which included making them into something different to use around the house and producing a bed sheet of memories.


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