Eat Seasonably in May & June: How to Cook with Asparagus

Every two months we pick a new seasonal vegetable and hunt down some of the tastiest, most inspirational recipes we can find from talented food bloggers all over the web. For May and June we have chosen asparagus.

In season for a mere eight weeks, British asparagus should be bright and firm. To keep the vegetable at its absolute best when storing, trim the ends, place in a glass of water, cover with plastic, and refrigerate. This will keep them in top condition for up to two days.

If you plan to grow your own asparagus, it is surprisingly easy to do outdoors or in a potting shed, but be warned that you will have wait until year three to reap the rewards and harvest your asparagus!

Just like our other featured vegetables kale and cauliflower, asparagus is full of health benefits:

  • Asparagus is a good plant-based source of protein and high in fibre
  • Its anti-inflammatory compounds can help protect you from type 2 diabetes and heart disease
  • Your skin can benefit from the antioxidant glutathione found in asparagus, which is known to protect skin from sun damage, pollution and the effects of aging
  • It contains Vitamin K, great for  promoting healthy blood clotting and strengthening bones
  • Asparagus contains a unique carb called inulin, which remains undigested until it reaches the large intestine, where it helps to absorb nutrients better, and cut the risk of bowel cancer
  • As a rich source of B vitamins, asparagus can help to regulate blood sugar levels
  • Green asparagus also contains vitamin A for better vision, potassium for smooth kidney functioning, and trace minerals that help boost immunity


One of the reasons that British asparagus tastes so good is down to the fewer air miles it has clocked up. From the second asparagus is cut, the natural sugars begin to fade and the stems turn tough and fibrous. Therefore, the shorter the journey from field to plate, the tastier and more tender the spears!

Here are some asparagus recipes we can’t wait to try:

 photo 7fe9cb84-5853-41ef-988c-a8167e871154_zpsie0fzrss.jpg

Basil & Walnut Pesto Quiche from The Whole Ingredient

Asparagus Brunch Tart by Scrummy Lane

Roasted Spring Vegetable Salad with Tahini Dressing by Cookie Monster Cooking

Asparagus & Beetroot Tartlets by Flavourphotos

What will you be cooking now asparagus is in season? Share you recipes and suggestions with us over on Twitter!

Better yet, got a vegetable in mind you’d like to see covered here? Let us know!

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