Dog Kennels – Protecting Your Pooch

Dog kennels are well renowned as the most successful way to train your dog. Proper use can ensure that a new dog becomes a fantastic addition to your new home. Dogs can live happy and healthy lives in outdoor conditions, and a kennel has to be the ideal way to achieve this – helping ensure that dogs aren’t left tied up outside in the rain. Choosing the right kennel is a fundamental part of accepting a new dog into your new home.

Why are kennels important?

– Wild dogs have always instinctively settled in caves and dens. A kennel can provide the equivalent – a safe, welcoming area for your dog to settle in comfort.

– Dogs, especially puppies, are typically mischievous! Making sure they have their own space will reduce any negative impact their introduction has on your home – while making it less likely they’re eating/doing something they shouldn’t! Kennels typically help rectify any problems associated with destructive behaviour.

– Not forgetting…they look good! A good looking kennel can compliment the family garden and add some well needed character alongside your garden sheds, conservatories or patios.

What tips should I follow when buying/installing a new kennel?

– Make sure the kennel you buy/build allows your dog the right amount of space. Your dog should be able to stand in their kennel, though it shouldn’t be so spacious as to provoke anxiety.

– Make sure your kennel is appropriate for your dog. Wooden dog kennels typically have a natural, earthy feel – and are much better insulators than metal or concrete kennels. However, when buying a wooden dog kennel you should ensure that the kennel floor is raised above the ground, to prevent it from soaking up any moisture.

– Ensure your dog is comfortable with their kennel through initial, supervised, short visits. Gradually increase the amount of time they spend in their kennel as required.

– Always provide your dog with the right amenities. Your dog will typically need a blanket for warmth – as well as the usual food and water.

Following these tips should allow your dog to lead a happy and healthy outdoor life. Good luck and all the best with your new pooch!



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