Christmas Celebrations: Making the Most out of the Festive Season

Tis the season to be jolly and there are many ways to do that! Making Christmas crafts indoors is a great way to spend a rainy day on the run up to Christmas. A little nearer the time (if you have the courage) hosting a Christmas children’s party will certainly get you in the Christmas spirit. Fun party activities include; pass the candy stick, Santa says, freeze, a three-legged stocking race and much more. As well as fun, games and house decoration a fantastic idea to make a party unforgettable is to turn the garden shed into Santa’s grotto.

General House Decoration

Firstly, decorate the front porch and entrance to get people in the mood as soon as they arrive at your house. Wreathes can come in many variations, traditional green and red made with green woodland pine and berries is always very effective. Alternatively, a wreath made of pinecones sprayed in gold or silver is an elegant way to decorate your door. Throughout the house, garlands, lights, ribbons, Christmas cards on strings or placed artistically around the house all contribute to a jolly feel.

Garden Decoration

Many may think that the garden is a plain and relatively lifeless place in winter time as much plant life and greenery dies away sometimes leaving the garden a little gloomy. It can, however be turned into a magical place especially for children by the use of simple Christmassy decorations. Typical festive decorations at this time of year include garden Gnomes, outdoor candles, garden decorations and garden lanterns strategically placed. An outside heater is always a major bonus if you happen to have one or know someone kind enough to lend it to you.

Christmas Ambiance

Once the party has got going, music, lighting, food and drink are the vital ingredients to keep the party spirit alive. If children have come accompanied by parents providing refreshments is a must. Mulled wine and mince pies are typical festive snacks. Christmas music could be more catered towards the children’s tastes with lively Christmas songs or there are multiple Christmas carol selections that can be going in the background. Hopefully the outdoor candles and fairy lights will instantly cast a magical feel over the garden.

The Grotto!

The shed need not be cleared out completely. As long as there is a space big enough for a cheerful Santa to sit with a child comfortably on his knee and some space beside him for a sack of token gifts.  Hopefully there will be lots of willing volunteers to don the Santa suit and beard, ho ho ho! Place fairy lights decoratively around the shed door and holly and ivy round the windows. If possible, a specially lit up path to the shed and arrows to ‘Santa’s grotto’ will add to the excitement for the children.  In term of gifts; a trip to a local store will provide lots of scope for gifts, or alternatively Christmas chocolates, toffee apples and candy canes are never a bad idea. Once all this is organised just let the guests provide the entertainment and enjoy the party.

Tidy up

Once everyone has left it is best to clear away straight away so you can sit down and relax properly after. Using disposable cups and plates is very helpful as well as making a game out of a tidying up! The shed also doubles up as an ideal place for garden and Christmas decoration storage once the festive season draws to an end.  Until then, get ready to revel in the Christmas cheer!


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