Are you in the mood for food?

Whatever the occasion make sure the food fits the mood (warning – this could make you hungry).

Food to make the mood at a…


BBQ s are all about quick and tasty food that everyone can enjoy.

Don’t forget to pick up the classic BBQ ingredients such as burgers, pork chops, kebabs, sausages and hot dogs.

Surprise your veggie guests with a delicious range of recipes.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy veggie idea then try out an all-time favourite; Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables!

They’re simple and easy to prepare, perfect for vegetarians to enjoy but can also be used as an extra ingredient for other recipes.

Tip: Don’t forget to add all your vegetables to your shopping list, such as peppers, red onions, squash and all those other tasty veggies. Simply chop up into big chunks, dip into a bowl of olive oil then grill on the BBQ in medium heat. In just five minutes time, your delicious veggies are ready to be served.

Dinner Party

Dinner parties happen all year round, but the great thing about summer is being able to take the table and chairs outside and enjoy the sunshine as you cook and relax with friends.

Spanish Tapas can be a delicious idea as everyone can pick and enjoy a lovely range of foods.

Tip: As a starter, pick up some tasty Spanish hams, chorizo, olives, Spanish cheese, tasty dips and breadsticks.

Tip: For those tasty main meals use a quick and versatile ingredient such as chicken. You can prepare a chicken salad, try out grilled salt and pepper chicken  or throw it all together in a stir fry.

Outside Birthday Party

If you’re lucky enough to have a birthday when the sun shines then make the most it and have a party outside!

Little people parties: If your little one has a party in summer time, then the food is a huge part of the mood! The best thing about children parties, is the simplicity and how easy the food takes to prepare.

Tip: Have any biscuit cutters lying around? Why not make some simple sandwiches, like ham and cheese, then cut them into fun shapes that kids will enjoy.

Go for anything ‘mini’ – think mini pizza, mini burgers, mini sausages etc.

Make it themselves? Kids love creating and doing things themselves, so the food can be like an extra activity. Have some ready prepared, small pizza base’s ready with tomato puree on and have a range of ingredients out. Such as cheese, chicken, bacon, vegetables etc. And let the little ones create their own delicious dishes.


Picnic food has to be share-able, pack-able and of course tasty!

Such as scotch eggs, salads and sausage rolls.

A big picnic favourite is a delicious dish of potato salad.

Tip: There are loads of different ways to make and enjoy potato salad. With it being summer, why not give food blog delish dish’s recipe a go. It includes cider vinegar with peppers to give the salad a colorful kick of flavour.


Whatever the event or occasion, be sure to have the right mood of food for everyone to enjoy.

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