A Guide to Butterfly Gardening

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Butterfly Gardening

Due to the recent increase of new buildings and highly built up environments over the last 10 years. We have seen a considerable reduction in natural land and habitats for butterflies. The good news is however, that creating an environment ideal for butterflies is not difficult and can be produced with very little gardening experience.

Butterfly gardening is the process of creating a garden environment that attracts butterflies.

So why do gardening enthusiasts choose to evolve their garden around butterflies? Well the simple answer to that is the fact that these beautiful species create a certain harmony within the garden, and because they are quite rarely seen, these techniques are used throughout the summer time in particular.
The technique of forming a butterfly garden is quite simple; grow certain plants that caterpillars like to eat, and plants that adult butterflies feed on. The garden itself can be any size, as long as there are enough flowers and plants for the butterflies to feed on. Many gardeners choose to make their butterfly gardens quite widespread, simply because of their colourful beauty.

Tips for Growing Butterfly Gardens

Before planting your flowers, take some time and consideration into where to plant, and what to do once you have planted.

–          Your butterfly garden should be utilised within a sunny and less windy part of your garden

–          Place a few stones in and around your flower beds, this allows the butterflies to take a rest from feeding off the plants

–          Ensure there is plenty of water available, this can be achieved by keeping mud puddles damp, or ensuring that soil is kept  moist throughout the day

–          The use of pesticide chemicals should be avoided as they may poison the butterflies

–          Make sure to put taller plants and flowers behind the smaller ones.

–          Sheds, potting sheds and green-houses are all warm-friendly enviroments to encourage habitation.

–          Provide a good source of food for caterpillars Nettles, Sweet Rocket and Garlic Mustard, are some of the most popular, they can encourage butterflies to lay eggs on these plants.

It is essential that the butterflies have the correct variation of flowers and plants available to them; otherwise your butterflies will be going elsewhere. Not all butterflies like the same flowers, so ensure you choose a good mixture of plants that have varying bloom stages. It is important to have several plants that bloom late in the summer; this is when the butterflies are most popular. For further information on butterflies and their flowers, visit here

Here is a list of Butterfly Resources should you like to do some more reading into Butterflies and their habitat:

  • http://insected.arizona.edu/bflyinfo.htm
  • http://www.thebutterflysite.com/facts.shtml
  • http://www.ontarioinsects.org/
  • http://www.kidsbutterfly.org/life-cycle


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