40 little things to be happy about :)

Spreading the positivity!!

1. A nice cup of coffee in the morning.

2. Experiencing something new.

3. Sunny and fresh mornings.

4. Tasty food,

5. Baby animals.

6. Smiling :).

7. Finding something really really REALLY funny.

8. A smile from a stranger.

9. Animals in general.

10. Perfectly iced cakes.

11. Fresh bedding. Ahhhh the joy!

12. Learning something new.

13. Planning a trip.

14. Listening to the rain.

15. Payday.

16. When 5pm comes around fast.

17. Watching the sea.

18.  Catching up with old friends.

19. Eating your favourtie meal.

20. Being in good company.

21. Travelling.

22. Being at home.

23. Watching sport (if you like sport).

24, Enjoying a really good film.

25. Enjoying a really good book.

26. Getting a fresh haircut.

27. Going for a walk.

28. Feeling carefree.

29. Being impulsive.

30. Fresh flowers.

31. Expressing yourself.

32. Fresh fruit.

33. When someone compliments you.

34. A bath.

35. Giving/receiving presents.

36. Summer breeze.

37. Dancing to your favourite song.

38. Feeling awake.

39. Embracing the day ahead.

40. Tiny things.

Have a great day!



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