10 great ideas for Valentine’s Day

Feeling a bit lost for ideas? Here are some great ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day!

1. Ditch the flowers and plant something together

Plant Something

Rather than buying flowers this year why not plant something together? In that way your gift will last longer and become a more treasured memory.

2. Take a cooking class

2. Cooking Class

A great alternative to eating out or cooking at home could be to attend a cooking class together. Search around on Groupon and in your local area to see what’s available near you.

3. Have a blast at Paintballing

3. Paintball

If you’re looking for a fun activity then something like paintballing would be great for you. Just make sure to ask your partner first in case it’s not their cup of tea…

4. Create a slideshow of memories

4. Slideshow

A thoughtful idea could be to create a slideshow of images of you and your partner so you can reminisce over the good times.

 5. Make Sushi 

5. Make Sushi

You can find loads of fun Sushi Starter Kits in most supermarkets and it could be an enjoyable, and potentially funny, experience learning how to make it. Then of course, you get to eat it.

6. Be Creative

6. Be cretive

A great challenge could be for you and your partner to spend £5 each on craft equipment and then for both of you to make a valentines gift/card/ornament for each other. You could even do this together and enjoy getting crafty and being creative!

7. Box of ideas!

7. Box of Ideas

Rather than giving a gift for Valentine’s Day why not give a gift that will last all year round? Give your partner a special box and fill the box with notes and ideas for activities that you can do throughout the year. Every month pick out a new idea so that you’re trying a different experience every month of the year.

8. Hot Air Balloon Ride

8. Hot Air Balloon

Try something different and experience a romantic hot air balloon ride together!

9. Take a hike!

9. Lake District

Get your walking boots on and go enjoy a walk!  A drive to the Lake District to enjoy a walk over the scenic mountains could be a great idea!

10. Love Notes

Love Notes

The night before Valentine’s Day spread love notes around your home and in places that your partner is going to see in the morning. Such as on the bathroom mirror, in your partners car, on the fridge etc.

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