Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed - Technical Data Sheet

Tiger Sheds
Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed
  • Superior Grade 12mm Finish Shiplap Cladding
  • 28x44mm Finish Rounded Four Corner Framing
  • Large Full Height Double Doors
  • Ideal Shed for the Corner of your Garden
  • Lock & Key Supplied As Standard
Cladding Material Shiplap Cladding Thickness (mm) 12
Framing Style Standard Framing Size (mm) 28 x 44
Roof Material Tongue & Groove Board Roof Thickness (mm) 12
Floor Material Tongue & Groove Board Floor Thickness (mm) 12
Door Style Double Fully Boarded Tongue & Groove Doors Door Size (mm) 1132 x 1800
Window Style All Fixed Window Size (mm) 457 x 610
Glazing Material Toughened Glass Glazing Thickness (mm) 3
Roof Covering Black Mineral Felt Treatment TigerSkin® Burnt Orange (Water Based)
Locking System Lock and Key Material Selected European Softwoods
6x6 Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed 7x7 Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed 8x8 Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed
Building Length Width Base Size Internal Size External Ridge External Eaves Internal Ridge Internal Eaves Ext. Size exc. Roof Ext. Size inc. Roof No. of Windows Weight
6x6 Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed 1750mm 1750mm 1750mm x 1750mm 1662mm x 1662mm 2090mm 1874mm 1978mm 1774mm 1774mm x 1774mm 1894mm x 1914mm 2 159.22kgs
7x7 Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed 2050mm 2050mm 2050mm x 2050mm 1962mm x 1962mm 2090mm 1874mm 1978mm 1774mm 2074mm x 2074mm 2194mm x 2214mm 4 196.86kgs
8x8 Tiger Deluxe Corner Shed 2350mm 2350mm 2350mm x 2350mm 2262mm x 2262mm 2090mm 1874mm 1978mm 1774mm 2374mm x 2374mm 2494mm x 2514mm 4 233.77kgs