The Amur | 44mm Log Cabin - Technical Data Sheet

Tiger Sheds
The Amur | 44mm Log Cabin
  • Superior Grade 44mm Finish Interlocking Logs
  • Heavy Duty Georgian Style Single Door
  • High Quality Joiner Made Opening Windows
  • Huge Internal Storage & Extra High Eaves
  • Attractive and Spacious Built in Veranda Area
Cladding Material Heavy Duty Interlocking T&G Logs Cladding Thickness (mm) 44
Framing Style Tanalised Bearers Only Framing Size (mm) 58 x 44
Roof Material Tongue & Groove Board Roof Thickness (mm) 19
Floor Material Tongue & Groove Board Floor Thickness (mm) 19
Door Style Georgian Half Glazed Joiner Made Door Door Size (mm) 760 x 1880
Window Style Joiner Made Georgian Opening Window Window Size (mm) 645 x 1045
Glazing Material Horticultural Glass Glazing Thickness (mm) 3
Roof Covering Black Mineral Felt Treatment Untreated
Locking System 3 Lever Lock with Brushed Steel Handles Material Selected European Softwoods
14x10 Amur | 44mm 16x10 Amur | 44mm 14x12 Amur | 44mm 16x12 Amur | 44mm 14x14 Amur | 44mm 16x14 Amur | 44mm
Building Length Width Base Size Internal Size External Ridge External Eaves Internal Ridge Internal Eaves Ext. Size exc. Roof Ext. Size inc. Roof No. of Windows Weight
14x10 Amur | 44mm 4150mm 2950mm 3960mm x 2760mm 3872mm x 2672mm 2616mm 2079mm 2404mm 2016mm 4150mm x 2950mm 4350mm x 3150mm 2 1074.69kgs
16x10 Amur | 44mm 4750mm 2950mm 4560mm x 2760mm 4472mm x 2672mm 2616mm 2079mm 2404mm 2016mm 4750mm x 2950mm 4950mm x 3150mm 3 1229.30kgs
14x12 Amur | 44mm 4150mm 3550mm 3960mm x 3360mm 3872mm x 3272mm 2719mm 2079mm 2507mm 2016mm 4150mm x 3550mm 4350mm x 3750mm 2 1215.99kgs
16x12 Amur | 44mm 4750mm 3550mm 4560mm x 3360mm 4472mm x 3272mm 2719mm 2079mm 2507mm 2016mm 4750mm x 3550mm 4950mm x 3750mm 3 1350.31kgs
14x14 Amur | 44mm 4150mm 4150mm 3960mm x 3960mm 3872mm x 3872mm 2822mm 2079mm 2610mm 2016mm 4150mm x 4150mm 4350mm x 4350mm 2 1330.53kgs
16x14 Amur | 44mm 4750mm 4150mm 4560mm x 3960mm 4472mm x 3872mm 2822mm 2079mm 2610mm 2016mm 4750mm x 4150mm 4950mm x 4350mm 3 1479.81kgs