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Introduction to Roses and Tips for Growing | Tiger Sheds

Published: 30/04/2010

We all know Roses can symbolise many different things; love, friendship, sympathy, and elegant beauty, to name a few, because of their variety and inspiration, it has allowed them to become suitable for various events and celebrations. More commonly purchased for loved ones, grand-parents, and used for wedding and homecoming celebrations. So find out more information on roses and some great tips for growing them!

I think many people not just Garden lovers will agree that there is nothing better than receiving a beautiful rose from a loved one. Due to the popularity of Roses, they have held their own over the years and continue to be the obvious choice for many people. Take a look at some of the most popular Roses such as; Hybrid Tea, Grandifloras, Floribundas, and Polyanthas.

Taking care of your roses in the summer These are the common methods utilised by many gardeners: Ensure your Roses are well watered, especially in the absence of rain. Water is an essential nutrient needed for everyday living of any plant not just the Rose. Ensure soil is soaked up to 8 inches, and try to prevent from watering parts of the Rose itself, as it may burn the flower when sunny. It is also important to note that the rose should be well watered within the first 3 years in particular; this helps them to form stronger roots that become more tolerant to stages without any water. Each Rose should be supplied with 4-5 gallons of water every week at least. The Rose should take in a minimum of four to six hours sunlight everyday, to ensure the flowers bloom properly. Insufficient sunlight can result in the inevitable death of the Rose.  (Ensure you plant the Rose within a well lit area beforehand) Like any living organism Roses require food; Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for a plant. A time-release fertiliser is perhaps the best type you can buy; this type of fertiliser can deliver the correct amount of nutrients to the plant over a period of time, and will ensure the plant grows in proportion. Keep your Roses well pruned using sharp secateurs. Ensure that all dead wood is removed, (dark brown unhealthy looking colour) the cut should be made above an outward facing bud. Choose the right approach to pruning: -          Shrub roses -          Bush roses (includes, hybrid tea, floribunda and patio roses -          Climbers -          Ramblers -          Ground cover Roses Tips and Tricks for keeping your Roses in shape -    Soak your pruning shears in bleach and water, this will help prevent disease and keep away unwanted bugs and insects -    All branches that cross and overlap each other should be removed, to avoid diseasing -    Cut your roses properly by ensuring the bud is facing ouside of the branch at a 45 degree angle that slopes inward, this will keep the flower growing healthily -    Roses may become hit by insects and bugs from time to time, to prevent them ruining your flower use a mild solution of dish soap and warm water, and spray the rose gently -    Ensure you deadhead and mulch your roses on a weekly basis to keep them growing healthily and efficiently -    Remove unwanted 'suckers' (leaves that have a differnet shape and colour to the rest of the plant) by simply pulling them off with gardening gloves.

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