How to make a 'Glitter Glass' for Mother's Day

Published: 11/03/2015

We got in touch with a 'Glitter Glass' creator, Amy Hawkins, to find out how we can make a standard glass really sparkle....  

''I suddenly started noticing images of sparkly glasses for sale posted across social media sites, and my first thought was ‘I need one of those!’However, the prices for some of the glasses were surprisingly high! I therefore decided to cut out the middle man and look into how I could start making the glasses for myself.''

You will need:                      

  • Glitter: Any colour, but finer glitter goes on better and looks classier. TOP TIP: Keep your glitter separately and in pots, to make it easier to shake the glitter onto the glasses and collect it back up.
  • Glue: Mod-podge gloss glue works the best for this, however 3 parts of PVA glue mixed with 1 part water also works. There are many varieties of the mod-podge glue, including a dishwasher safe version, so it might be worth doing your research to see which works best for you.
  •  Masking tape/electrical tape: To ensure your glue/glitter application is neat, and to leave a gap at the top of your glasses.
  • Sealant (optional): Mod-podge mixed with water can work when sealing the final layer of glitter, however some people prefer to use an aerosol sealant to ensure the glitter stays shimmery and that it doesn't come off.
  • Paint brushes or sponges:  To apply the glue. It’s a personal preference which you choose – I find it easier to spread the glue evenly with a brush, however if you use a sponge, you don’t risk getting stray brush bristles mixed in. You can even use smaller brushes for more delicate application, if you’re feeling brave enough to make some patterns!
  •  Protective surface: Because you don’t want glitter everywhere! I like to do my glasses on paper plates that have been folded in half. This way, you can easily tip the glitter back into the pot with minimal mess. The plates also make it easy to rotate the glass so you can ensure you've got every angle.
  • A plain glass/multiple glasses


  1. Once you've selected the glitter you’d like to use, ensure to set up your work area so that you are ready to start your first glass. It is recommended to put a strip of masking tape or electrical tape around the top just up to the rim of the glass, to ensure a neat line, and to leave a space to drink from.
  2. Once your glass is ready to cover, pour some of the glue into a pot or onto a plate and apply evenly to the areas of the glass you wish to cover. It is useful at this point if you have covered the top of the glass in tape, as you can pick up your glass ready to shake the glitter on.
  3. Shake the glitter on the glue-covered areas of your glass, ensuring not to leave any spaces. Holding the glass up to the light will let you know if you have. Once the glass is covered, shake off the excess and pour it back into your glitter pot to use again.
  4. Wait until the glue has dried (approximately 30 minutes). Again, holding the glass up to the light will indicate whether the glue has dried or not. If it has, it will have gone clear.
  5. Repeat steps 2,3 and 4; three layers of glitter should do the trick, but make sure to spread the glue thinly and evenly, otherwise the glitter may clump and come off.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your coverage, seal the glass with a mixture of mod-podge and water (3 parts to 1 to retain the shimmer), and leave to dry.
  7. Once dry, remove the tape from the top and wash the glass.
  8. You’re done! You can present your glass however you like – maybe add your Mum’s favorite bottle of wine, chocolates, or some nice smellies! Gift wrapping in cellophane is also a great idea, and gives it that extra professional touch.
''The beauty of this craft is that you can glitter almost any solid surface if you wanted to, using the same method – even shoes!  I once saw that someone had covered and sealed their entire garage floor in glitter. I personally think plain photo frames would look great with a bit of sparkle added to them.''

Show off your creative gifts with us @tigersheds #mothersdaygiftideas #glitterglasses. 

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