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Pole Dancer Shed or Hobbit Hole - Hmm Tough Choice

Ask anyone to describe a log cabin and chances are they’ll tell you it’s a simple wooden construction with no modern conveniences, probably in the woods or near the mountains. They might say log cabins are ideal for holidays and short breaks to get away from it all.

And garden sheds? Most people think of them as practical buildings, again usually constructed from wood, used primarily for potting plants and storing tools.

Doesn't sound very exciting, exotic or unique.

Turns out, we've moved on — quite a bit, as it happens. Check out some log cabins and garden sheds that are anything but ordinary.

The Executive Log Cabin

Doesn’t it look impressive lighting up the sky with mountains looming in the background? This spectacular log cabin home is some 10,000 square feet in size and is made from huge red cedar logs from the forests of British Columbia.

The home is brimming with gadgets and electronics. It just goes to show that the traditional idea of a log cabin is firmly rooted in the past. Today’s log cabins can combine the romance of history with the technology of today, with breathtaking results.

A Shed in a Tree

This urban gazebo-style shed in a tree was made out of a recycled water tank, with a few modifications. Though it looks more like a tree house than a shed, the beauty of it is that it can be erected in the smallest of back gardens — even in a crowded city such as New York. Its uses are limited only by your imagination.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins

Back to Nature

This beautiful log cabin nestled into the green shrubbery offers the opportunity to sit in the heart of nature. The large windows bring in plenty of light and the outdoor picnic table and bench rest in the shade to give you pleasant relief from the sun. What more could you possibly want?

Sheds and Log Cabins 3

Fancy a holiday in a shipping container?

You might find it imagine living in a converted shipping container, but this one's rather creative. It can be folded to create a secure storage space or unfolded for comfortable living quarters. It's easy to move to a new site — perhaps take it with you on holiday — or it can sit as a non-permanent building on your own land for a handy retreat or overspill for guests.

Sheds and Log Cabins 4Sheds and Log Cabins 4

Here's a variation on the shipping container, though this one doesn't look as if it would be so easy to transport. But you can't deny it has a certain appeal.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 5

Your very own Hobbit Hole

Everyone loves a touch of magic, especially in the garden, right? These Hobbit holes, dens, Wendy houses or simple retreats — whatever you want to call them — look great and could be a welcome addition to any garden. They're attractive and unique and, no doubt, would get everyone talking. The kids will be entertained for hours and adults could escape to another world where time no longer matters. Or, you could keep your gardening tools in there.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 6

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 7

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 8

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 9

Straw Shed

This unique and highly appealing little shed was built out of straw bales and is the design of James Dexter from Norwich who also maintains that the shed could be extended beneath the earth to create a subterranean hideaway. Interesting idea!

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 10

Domed Shed

This domed shed is warm, insulated, nicely finished and practically hurricane resistant. You even can get solar panels on it, if you want. Even better, you can slowly rotate the entire thing using a remote control. Why? Perhaps the rotate ability allows you to keep up with the sun’s rays. Yeah, that must be it.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 11

Out of Africa Shed

This versatile garden shed looks like it has been taken right out of the heart of Africa. Especially if you have giraffes. The vertical wooden panels rest comfortably on horizontal wooden decking and check out the grass-topped roof. You could be right outside a major city and feel like you're in the heart of nature.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 12

Tree House Sheds

These are not your children's tree houses. Windows, a deck, multiple ladders – grab a book, your journal or a glass of wine and relax on a nice summer evening.

Garden Shed and Log Cabins 13

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 14

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 15

Bring the East to the West

The perfect accompaniment to a Japanese-themed garden is, of course, a Japanese-style shed. This one blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings – and that is, after all, what it's about: soothing, tranquil and harmonious yet exotic at the same time.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 16

The Tardis Garden Sheds

Any Doctor Who fan will love these Tardis-style sheds. But for those who don't even know that TARDIS is the abbreviation of Time And Relative Dimension In Space, are bound to appreciate their whimsy, which is bound to catch the attention of passers by.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins

Converted Sheds

OK, so let's say you already have a shed, but don't need it or want it anymore. Don't trash it – convert it. Check out this one, which has been converted into a sound recording studio. How cool is that?

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 18

Or do like this person did, and create your own personal bar in your backyard and be the envy of all your friends. You might find yourself very sought after this summer if you do this conversion. Best part? You don't have to drive home from the bar.

Gardem Sheds and Log Cabins 19

While a little different, it's the same general concept – this old silo has been converted into a shed, with rather attractive results.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 20

Haven't you heard? Pole dancing isn't just for strippers anymore. One ingenious lady decided to set up a fitness/pole-dancing club in her back garden. They “work out” in her converted shed.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 22

And now for something completely different - camouflage

Here's a shed. No really, look again, it's there. The mirrored effect cleverly reflects the surrounding countryside so the entire shed is almost invisible.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 23

Flatpack sheds on a bridge

Check these out. Students from the St. Etienne School of Art and Design in France and Konstfack University in Sweden tasked with designing easy-to-assemble sleeping/living units.

The sheds were built over a disused railway bridge on the Black River and the results are mind blowing. The students’ efforts bagged them the 2006 Best Design School Project Award at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 24

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 25

The Lighthouse Shed

Don't live near the ocean? Pretend you do. The lighthouse shed is eye-catching, useful, fun and different. And if the great flood comes, you'll be prepared.

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins 26

Don’t forget: Wood is flammable

No matter where you choose to make your home, keep safety in mind. If your home or outbuildings are made of wood, particularly if you live in a hot climate, make sure you have carried out risk assessments and eliminated unnecessary fire hazards.

Don't let this happen to you!

Garden Sheds and Log Cabins

Images from this were sourced from a number of sources including Shed Working

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